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Is Theresa May Gambling By Starting Brexit Negotiations Before Her Queen’s Speech Passes?

Michael Barnier and David Davis led the preliminary Brexit talks that started this morning and have already given in on one of their main negotiating demands; that the divorce agreement and the relationship post-Brexit should be negotiated simultaneously. Given that the EU is a massive 27 country bloc, it seems only natural that…

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Who Are The DUP?

Arlene Foster and the DUP have suddenly become the most powerful people in British politics. With their sweep of 10/18 seats in Northern Ireland they have the power to give Theresa May an overall majority in Westminster of two seats. The deal may not even be legally compatible with the Good Friday Agreement…

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How Long Will The Tories Last?

The Tories are going to have an incredibly difficult job legislating in the next parliament; their manifesto was generally poorly received and they are going to have to fight tooth and nail to pass every single piece of legislation. A handful of abstentions or dissenting votes…

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