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Chatter #286 – Caylan Ford: Polarisation, Denying Reality And The Roots Of Cancel Culture

Caylan Ford an international affairs specialist, documentary filmmaker, writer, and education reformer. She is also the founder and board chair of the Calgary Classical Academy, a new charter school offering Canada’s first public, non-denominational classical education program.  Caylan was running for office before being “cancelled” based on a source that provided zero evidence…

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Chatter #250 – Seb Whitehouse on Wrestling, Journalism, Masculinity, and Trauma

Seb Whitehouse may have one of the weirdest stories in terms of how he got to where he is today. He’s former professional wrestler of seven years turned journalist! His insights into the world of WWE can definitely be applied to our politics… We spoke about a whole range of things from the…

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What Is Parasite Stress? Is This Strange Phenomenon Altering Our Politics? Did It Lead To World War 2?

The concept of parasite stress is one that has been studied by my guest Dr Randy Thornhill for decades – it’s the idea that the more infectious disease that is prevalent in a country, the more right-wing and collectivist a population is. With a very strong correlation. With that in mind, I was…

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Chatter #200 – Dr Randy Thornhill: Parasite Stress And How Disease Shapes Our Politics

Covid has caused massive upheaval and disruption around the world, but something I had not given a lot of thought to was the idea that disease shapes our political leanings. The concept of parasite stress is one that has been studied by my guest Dr Randy Thornhill for decades – it’s the idea…

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The Mounting Lies and Scandals of GE2019 (And Why They Don’t Matter)

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, and the Tories were attempting to win the crown for most disastrous campaign from Theresa May. May’s 2017 campaign set out to “Crush the Saboteurs” and give the next Iron Lady a stomping parliamentary majority with which she could enact the Brexit means…

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Chatter Episode 20 – Luke Belvedere On Getting Paid As A Musician

Our guest on today’s show was L.T. Belvedere, a blues singer-songwriter. We talked all about the challenges of getting paid as a modern musician, whether technology and platforms like YouTube and Patreon have helped at all, and what you are paying for when you hire a musician. Music by Just Jim –…

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