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Tag: vaccine passports

Chatter #215 [Live] – Mike Yardley On Liberalism, Freedom, And Our Crumbling Political System

The values of freedom and liberalism are dying. Michael Yardley was born in Denmark and educated in England, Switzerland and the US. He has a psychology degree from London University, conducted post-graduate research into direct action and terrorism at the LSE, and is also a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Michael…

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Vaccine Passports: Where Is The Transparency?

The vaccine passports debacle in Northern Ireland has been a mess from start to finish. I’ve seen this debated on Twitter so much, but to explain why people are frustrated takes more than a few Tweets. So I am going to attempt to lay it out here. If vaccine passports/covid certifications are being…

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Chatter #211 [Live] – Dr Lee Jones On The Full Brexit, China, and Vaccine Passports

Dr Lee Jones is a Professor of Political Economy & International Relations at the Queen Mary University of London. Dr Jones and I had a great conversation about China, covid policy (namely vaccine passports), and making the best of Brexit. I’ve become increasingly concerned that a lot of people in society are unable…

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Chatter #192 LIVE – Sanjeev Sabhlok: What The F*ck Is Going On Down Under?

Sanjeev Sabhlok is back for round 2 on Chatter! Sanjeev is the author of “The Great Hysteria and the Broken State” and a complaint to the International Criminal Court” – the latter is free so people can get an idea of the criminality of the current policies by reading it free of cost….

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Chatter #189 – Calvin Robinson On Vaccine Passports, Critical Race Theory, And Politics In 2021

Calvin Robinson is a British conservative political commentator, policy advisor and campaigner who is a senior fellow at Policy Exchange. Robinson is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and regularly appears on Talk Radio and GB News.  Resources HELP ME CROWDFUND MY GAMESTOP BOOK. Go…

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Chatter #137 – Jeffrey Peel on Vaccine Passports and The Balance Of Freedom And Safety

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Jeffrey Peel is a former Conservative politician who worked to try to bring the Tories to Northern Ireland. He has worked for the UK Dept for International Trade, in market research and consulting, and consulted for a number of free market think tanks. He was also a…

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