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Tag: why nations fail

Why Nations Fail

Much of the work I’ve been studying and reading over the past few years has been focused on the corruption of our political and economic system. On both sides of the Atlantic, I see two systems of government that have become two of the most diverse and prosperous nations in the history of…

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The Jist of the Week by Josh Hamilton – Issue #14

Why do nations fail? It’s a question that many have wondered about. What causes nations to degrade into authoritarianism and their institutions to become corrupt? In what is possibly the best book I have read all year, Why Nations Fail, Professors James A. Robinson and Daron Acemoglu take the long view of history,…

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Chatter #203 – Professor James Robinson – Why Nations Fail Part 1: Does Freedom Lead To Prosperity?

Why Nations Fail may be the best book I have read this year, so I was absolutely delighted when both of the authors agreed to speak to me on my podcast! This is the first of these interviews, with Professor James A. Robinson. The main idea that I took from the book was…

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