James Nuveen, a visionary writer who has captivated a global audience, embarked on a life-changing journey after a pivotal realization. Despite living comfortably in what many consider the best country in the world, James felt an undeniable call for something greater. In 2021, driven by this profound sense of purpose, he made the bold decision to quit his job and redefine the American dream beyond the borders of the United States.

James, who has lived in ten different countries across South America, discusses the logistics, lifestyle, and tax advantages of becoming a tax resident in countries with territorial tax systems, like Panama and Costa Rica. We’ll explore the appeal of spending months in places like Paraguay, considering factors like weather, cost of living, and public transportation.



00:00 Introduction
07:57 Living in Latin America offers cheaper living.
14:36 Latin America taxation
17:42 Countries’ tax residency rules and tax benefits.
22:13 UK’s non dom tax regime struck down.
25:24 International residency and taxation.
28:09 Experiencing life abroad
32:18 Nomadic lifestyle limits deep relationships, hinders business.
36:09 Making international friends
37:06 Language and cultural integration
45:20 Immerse in Spanish: classes, conversation, Latin America.


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