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Chatter #321 – Jemma Forte: Starmer, Sunak and Is Brexit Really The Cause of Britain’s Problems?

Jemma Forte joins me to discuss Kier Starmer, the prospects for the Labour Party, the local elections, and how Labour and the Tories differ – if at all. We argued quite a lot about whether we can trust Starmer and whether Brexit is actually the source of our problems… Jemma is host of…

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Chatter #320 – Sarah Hardiman [Free Speech Ireland] – Ireland’s Controversial New Hate Speech Law

I was joined in this podcast by Sarah Hardiman from Free Speech Ireland to discuss Ireland’s controversial new Hate Crime legislation. —————————————————– DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit: The Establishment Civil War –    —————————————————– You can listen…

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Chatter #319 – Kevin Malone – Finance Is Broken: GameStop, Citadel & Ryan Cohen

Kevin Malone is the founder and CEO of Malone Wealth Management Group. The funds he managed were and remain one of the biggest GameStop holdings since before the Jan ’21 squeeze. We talked about naked short selling, how broken the market has become, the DRS campaign, blockchain stock markets and much, much more!…

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Chatter #318 – Dr Geert Vanden Bossche: The Inescapable Immune Escape Pandemic

Geert Vanden Bossche is a prominent virologist with extensive experience in academia and vaccine development, having worked with companies like GSK Biologicals and Novartis Vaccines, as well as organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI. He has critically analyzed vaccine safety, such as the Ebola vaccine used in 2015, and…

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Chatter #317 – Matt Kennard – Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist, co-founder of Declassified UK, and co-author of the brand new book Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy. Silent Coup is an investigative work by journalists Claire Provost and Matt Kennard, examining the rise of global corporate power amidst the decline of European empires in the 20th century….

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Chatter #316 – Doctor Owen: The Myth of Turkesterone and Testosterone Substitutes

Owen Evans is a medical doctor with a brand new YouTube channel (@doctorowen ) debunking fitness myths! He’s covered creatine, testosterone, turkesterone and testosterone substitutes. @doctorowen DONATE and help the channel grow –  PRE-ORDER MY GAMESTOP BOOK –  Buy Brexit: The Establishment Civil War –    —————————————————– You can listen to…

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