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Russian Bots, The US Election, And Trevor’s Axiom

South Park may be a cartoonish, poorly drawn parody of society, but more often than not they manage to cut through and make some fantastic insights into the way in which the world works. The clip above from the season 20 finale depicted an idea called “Trevor’s Axiom” (we can’t find a source…

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The Dismissed DNC Fraud Lawsuit Explained

Over the past year, there has been a group of Bernie Sander’s supporters fighting a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC), alleging that the DNC had committed fraud by taking donations in a “rigged” primary battle. Part of the lawsuit claimed that the DNC illegally favored Democratic presidential nominee Hillary…

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Beware The Populist

Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump have far more in common than some people would probably realise. They all ran outsider “insurgent” campaigns, funded mostly from small individual donations – though in Trump’s case he ended up receiving support from numerous anti-Hillary super-pacs. They were all repeatedly dismissed by the media, declared…

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