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Tag: Film

Is Bollywood A Threat to Hollywood Dominance?

Hollywood’s expansive reach was started by the domination of domestic and foreign markets post-World War I and World War II. Whilst India was involved in World War I from the outset, America was only involved from 1917, and whilst India was involved early on in World War II, again, American forces became involved…

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The Rise of The “Filler” Feature

Rising to prominence in the 1930s, and maintaining its place on the big screen throughout the 1940s, the B feature saw the creation of cheaper films in an effort to entice audiences at a time where the American economy was failing, and the industry was losing its position in American society. As the…

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Mass-Media Glow-Up: Why Is TV So Pretty?

The formula for the typical television sit-com seems to consist of wide-shots, medium shots, two-shots, high-key lighting, and not a lot of visual change. However, recent series are bringing a challenge to this standard and rewriting the rules of what it’s possible to do (or spend) with a TV series. Stylistic shooting is…

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