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Tag: price manipulation

Chatter #182 – Jamie Curran (AKA Tradespotting) On GameStop, The Apes, And Financial Revolution

Jamie is the host of the YouTube channel Tradespotting and has been my most requested guest of all time I believe! He describes himself as a pro trader preaching kindness and teaching self-empowerment. His technical understanding of markets tops anyone I’ve had the opportunity to speak to on this topic and the conversation…

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Chatter #171 – Mo Hormozzadeh On Escaping Iran, GameStop, And Price Manipulation

Mo Hormozzadeh is a CFA level 3 candidate, holds a Masters degree in Financial Engineering, from NYU, and a Bachelors in Economics. He fled Iran after being arrested for publishing magazines on his university campus speaking out against the government that led to him spending 16 days in jail and being expelled from…

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