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Category: Books

Chatter #140 – Giles Milton On Writing, The National Archives, and The Quirks Of History

Express VPN 12 Months 35% off!! Giles Milton, the esteemed historian and author of numerous books of narrative history was my guest on today’s show. Giles and I spoke about where he finds his ideas, operation unthinkable, the British plan to invade Russia, the age of exploration, Shogun, and much much more! If…

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Our Divided Society – Chapter 4

Deep-seated inequalities continue to cast long jagged shadows over the map of England. – Alex Niven We’ve learnt how technology has helped advertisers and political campaigners alike to understand us and how social media is exacerbating societal divisions. We’ve also looked at how the press has helped exacerbate anti-immigrant and anti-EU sentiment and…

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The Weaponized Propaganda Machine – Chapter 5

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. – George Orwell, 1984 As we’ve already seen, data gathered by companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter allows them to target adverts based on our every click. They can build detailed profiles about our personality,…

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Brexit: The Establishment Civil War – Chapter 1 Preview

Data, Data Everywhere With big data comes big responsibilities. – Kate Crawford 27 January 2015, Twitter HQ: Twitter executives are preparing to unveil a set of tools for advertisers. This array of new tools will allow users to be targeted based on specific criteria, such as their postcode or geographical location. The new…

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Rehumanising: How Food Can Change The World

In the intro to her book Sitopia: How Food Can Change The World, author Carolyn Steel recounts the tale of meeting a Dutch Shell Executive at a Ted Conference.  He was looking for ideas to save the world and was dispairing at his perceived lack of investment opportunities. How he felt uninspired in…

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This Week in Books #1

Last year I set myself the challenge to read 30 books in the year. I spend 5 months per year working in a ski resort in Austria with little-no free time for reading, so that really becomes 30 books in the space of 7 months. I thought it was ambitious, but thankfully my…

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