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Category: Economics

Chatter #82 – Scott Santens on the Case for Universal Basic Income

Scott Santens, writer, full-time advocate of unconditional basic income (UBI), and editor of Basic Income Today was my guest on this episode of Chatter. I first heard of the idea of Universal Basic Income during my time at university and have been fascinated by the idea ever since. I’ve thought for quite a…

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Chatter #81 – Nicholas Shaxson on The Finance Curse

Nicholas Shaxson, author of The Finance Curse was my guest on today’s show. The Finance Curse lays out the case that an over-sized financial sector can be as much of a drain on a country’s economy as a resource like oil or copper, where one industry sucks money, talent, and investment out of…

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Chatter #58 – Peter Reynolds on CLEAR and the Campaign For Cannabis Law Reform

Peter Reynolds, the President of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform was our guest on today’s show. CLEAR have been campaigning for years to try to get the government to reform the way we treat cannabis. Momentum has been gaining over the past few years in this area. More than half of the states in…

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MMT It’s Time To Face The Music

Over the past few decades and increasingly more so in recent years, there has been a new economic school of thought emerging on the left: Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT. The idea has been supported by Stephanie Kelton (a former advisor to Bernie Sanders) and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the US and John…

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So, How Do We Pay For All This?

Since the UK went into lockdown, the UK economy shrank by almost 6%, the chancellor has announced tens of billions in public spending to prop up businesses, and we are currently losing an estimated £2.4 billion everyday in economic activity. This isn’t a UK based phenomenon, almost every major government in every major…

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How Quantitative Easing Created £375 Billion

Have you ever wondered what happened to the £375 billion, equivalent to £6,000 for every man, woman and child in the UK, created by the bank of England electronically? Maybe you didn’t even know that the Bank of England could do this, or that they ever had. Sounds suspiciously like a magic money…

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