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Category: UK

Chatter #308 – Ralph Schoellhammer: Europe Have Caused Their Own Energy Crisis

Ralph Schoellhammer is an assistant professor of International Relations at Webster Vienna Private University and host of the podcast, The 1020 (now also on YouTube). His main field of research is political theory and international relations, with a particular emphasis on how culture, values, and ideologies influence state behaviour. He has written and…

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Chatter #306 – John Sweeney on Evgeny Lebedev, Boris Johnson and Kyiv on the Ground

John Sweeney is an old school writer and reporter. He remained in the Ukrainian capital throughout the Battle of Kyiv and his latest book, Killer In The Kremlin, paints Vladimir Putin as “the monster he is”. Sweeney’s philosophy is: ‘I poke crocodiles, if crocodiles they be, in the eye with a stick.’ He’s…

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Chatter #303 – Aid Thompsin: Digital Cash, Refugees & The Problem With Kier Starmer

Podcaster Aid Thompsin was my guest on this show! We talked about the issues with Central Bank Digital Currencies, why digital money might be inevitable, the issue with the immigration/refugee debate in Britain, and the many, many issues with Kier Starmer and the Labour Party. Guys in the Flag Jackets –…

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Chatter #302 – Bob Moriarty: Ukraine, The Death Of Fiat Money, & The End Of Europe

Bob Moriarty is a former US Marine and fighter pilot who served in Vietnam. He is also the founder of and the author of 10 different books! Bob explained to me his belief that the Russians have already won the war in Ukraine, that Europe will soon face a massive refugee crisis…

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Chatter #301 – Benjamin Jones: PayPal vs Free Speech Union

Benjamin Jones from the Free Speech Union joined me on this podcast to discuss their case against PayPal, who the Free Speech Union are and why they are needed in modern Britain! Having been banned by paypal they issued this statement – “On 15 September, PayPal notified the Free Speech Union that it…

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Chatter #298 – Leilani Dowding on Food Supply, David Icke, and the Loss Of Trust In Elections

Leilani Dowding is an English former Page 3 girl, glamour model, and the UK representative at Miss Universe 1998. She doesn’t seem like my standard guest, however, you’d be wrong. Leilani has gained a lot of notoriety over the past few years for speaking out on issues that many people would not touch….

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