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Tag: society

Chatter #116 – Emma Knaggs on Why We Need To Reform Our Electoral System

Emma Knaggs, the grassroots leader at Make Votes Matter was my guest on today’s show. Make Votes Matter are a single issue campaign for the reform of the UK voting system into a more proportional and representative one. They are a cross party group working to get more and more MPs on board…

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Chatter #115 – Oli Dugmore on Memes, Journalism, and the Influence of Social Media on Politics

Oli Dugmore, head of News and Politics at Joe Politics, was my guest on today’s show. In this conversation we went deep on the power of the meme, the GameStop saga, and the power of social media to influence politics. We also covered a number of issues that I cover in my book,…

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Chatter #113 – Dr. Amanda Slevin on Northern Ireland’s Green Revolution

Amanda Slevin, chair of the Climate Coalition NI was my guest on today’s show. In the light of the UK declaring a climate emergency in recent years and Boris Johnson promising a post-Brexit Green Industrial Revolution I thought it was the perfect time to get someone on the show to discuss what is…

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Chatter #105 – Ed Straw on How Systems Thinking Could Change The World

Ed Straw, a systems thinker who has worked for government and private industry, was my guest on today’s show. Ed is also the host of the Hidden Power podcast, where he discusses ways in which systems thinking can change the world. Our system of government, economy, and election are fundamentally broken and it…

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Chatter #102 – James Dionne on Unaccountable Power, Secret Societies, and Our Brave New World

James Dionne, author of Fahrenheit 1984: A Concerned Citizens Manifesto, was my guest on today’s show. I was put in touch with James after my episode on cyber torture was released, he’s a rap artist and author from Maine who has been a victim of organised harassment. I wanted to speak to him…

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