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Tag: Soft Power

Chatter #243 – Joanna Chiu: China Unbound – Hostage Diplomacy, Influence Operations, and Soft Power

Joanna Chiu has spent a decade tracking China’s propulsive rise, from the political aspects of its multi-billion-dollar “New Silk Road” global investment project to its growing sway over foreign countries and multilateral institutions through “United Front” efforts. For too long, Western societies have mishandled or simply ignored Beijing’s actions, out of narrow self-interest….

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Chatter #71 – Peter Geoghegan on Dark Money and the Corruption of British Politics

Peter Geoghegan, author of Democracy For Sale and writer at openDemocracy, was our guest on today’s show. I’ve been trying to get to sit down with Peter and have a chat about dark money in politics for quite a while, so after a short delay in the release of his book due to…

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US Soft Power Is Waning

President Trump’s isolationist streak that won him many fans on the campaign trail has shone through during his presidency. His opposition to the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), constant threats to dismantle and renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), threats to start trade wars with Europe and China, and his thrice failed “Muslim…

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