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Tag: Dark money

Chatter #71 – Peter Geoghegan on Dark Money and the Corruption of British Politics

Peter Geoghegan, author of Democracy For Sale and writer at openDemocracy, was our guest on today’s show. I’ve been trying to get to sit down with Peter and have a chat about dark money in politics for quite a while, so after a short delay in the release of his book due to…

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Chatter #53 – Adam Ramsay on Neo-liberalism and the Government Response to Corona Virus

My guest on today’s show was Adam Ramsay, he’s the main site editor at openDemocracy and is a member of the Scottish Green Party, sits on the board of Voices for Scotland and advisory committees for the Economic Change Unit and the journal Soundings. I asked him on the show in response to…

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The Shady Money That Bankrolled Brexit (Part 1)

The real motivations behind the campaign for Britain to leave the EU were never truly clear during the campaign, though revelations over the subsequent 16 months have given us more and more insight into the true forces at work here. There have been numerous investigations launched into the legality of actions taken by…

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