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Chatter #86 – Paula McIntyre on Slow Food and Northern Ireland’s Food Culture

Paula McIntyre was my guest on today’s show. Paula is the head of Slow Food Northern Ireland, author of “A Kitchen Year” and “Paula McIntyre’s Down to Earth Cookbook”, and former guest chef on Ready, Steady, Cook! She is a member of the Craft Guild of Chefs, and the Irish Food Writers Guild,…

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Rehumanising: How Food Can Change The World

In the intro to her book Sitopia: How Food Can Change The World, author Carolyn Steel recounts the tale of meeting a Dutch Shell Executive at a Ted Conference.  He was looking for ideas to save the world and was dispairing at his perceived lack of investment opportunities. How he felt uninspired in…

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Chatter #77 – Carolyn Steel on Sitopia and How Food Can Change The World

Carolyn Steel, the author of Sitopia: How Food Can Change The World and Hungry City was our guest on today’s show. I first came across Carolyn’s writing when her book Sitopia jumped out at me in a book store in Utrecht and it proceeded to blow my mind. The way she has made…

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Chatter #72 – Chris Ammon on Food, Cooking, and Becoming a Chef

My guest on the show today was a friend of mine. Chris Ammon, he is the head chef at Lizum 1600, a hotel in the Austrian ski resort of Axamer Lizum, where I spend my winters! I have been reading quite a lot about food and cooking over the past few months and…

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