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Tag: privacy

Chatter #252 – Kee Jefferys on Encryption, Privacy and Encrypted Messaging

Kee Jeffreys is the CTO of Session, a fork of Signal and an encrypted messaging app. Session is a private messaging app that protects your metadata, encrypts your communications, and makes sure your messaging activities leave no digital trail behind. In this conversation we covered encryption, privacy, encrypted messaging, their cryptocurrency Oxen, and…

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Chatter #220 – Max Hillebrand On Privacy, Freedom, and Cypherpunk Philosophy

Max Hillebrand is free software engineer an economist who started reading Keynes when he was 9 and got into Bitcoin at the age of 16. He says “Bitcoin is for everyone”, even his grandmother runs a Lightning node. Max came across my radar as a Bitcoin enthusiast, but he really peaked my interest…

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