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Tag: encryption

Chatter #252 – Kee Jefferys on Encryption, Privacy and Encrypted Messaging

Kee Jeffreys is the CTO of Session, a fork of Signal and an encrypted messaging app. Session is a private messaging app that protects your metadata, encrypts your communications, and makes sure your messaging activities leave no digital trail behind. In this conversation we covered encryption, privacy, encrypted messaging, their cryptocurrency Oxen, and…

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Chatter Episode 17 – Sam Ancliff On The Conservative Party Conference 2017

Sam Ancliff of Activate was the guest on today’s podcast. We wanted to get Sam back on to discuss the Conservative Party Conference, the fringe events going on as well as the headline speeches, the tuitions fees freeze, the moral argument for free markets, Amber Rudd, Boris Johnson, and Theresa May’s closing speech….

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