Since the manifestos have been launched, it has become clearer and clearer that this election will be decided by whichever party can successfully control the narrative over the next two weeks. If the public perceive the election to be about Brexit, immigration, and foreign policy, Theresa May will win, however, if Labour can frame the election around domestic issues, then Jeremy Corbyn might be in with a chance.

A collection of polls released today by ComRes show, despite her poor record on immigration and the criticism she has come under for cuts to police funding, that the general public has more faith in Theresa May and the Conservatives to negotiate Brexit and represent Britain on the global stage.

polls #11

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However, there are still rays of hope for Labour! The manifesto launch has given Corbyn a clear message and platform that the British public seem to be latching on to, and that message seems to be resonating. Labour are more trusted than the Tories on almost every domestic issue, with their robust plans for the NHS, nationalisation, and education (amongst other things) polling extremely well with voters.

polls #10

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Ultimately this election is going to be won and lost on what the public think this election is about. If Labour can convince people that this is about domestic issues like the NHS, public services, minimum wage, and investment in communities, then Theresa May could be looking down the barrel of the biggest post World War II upset in British politics. However, if the Tories (and the media) can convince the public that this election is about Brexit, terrorism, and immigration, then unfortunately we could well be looking at a Conservative landslide.