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Tag: crypto currency

Chatter #299 – Hrvoje Morić: What The Collapse of FTX Means, CBDCs, UN & The Lucis Trust

Hrvoje Morić, the host and producer of The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast, was my guest on today’s show. He was bred between the two worlds of America and his ethnic homeland of Yugoslavia/Croatia, moving back and forth between the two countries. His name literally means “Croat”. He is also a naturalized Mexican, fluent…

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Peter McCormack – Bitcoin Block Size Debate [Is BTC Truly Bitcoin?]

So when I spoke to Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did, I was curious as to whether he thought that BTC is Bitcoin or whether it even matters. I wanted to ask him about the Bitcoin block size debate (also known as the fork wars), why the bitcoin block size was important, and whether the block size debate was even relevant!

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Chatter #214 [Live] – Greg Foss On Bitcoin, Bonds, and Leaving The Trading World

Greg Foss spent 32 yrs trading in the credit markets at a hedge fund before he left and found the wonders of Bitcoin. He believes that fiat currency is a Ponzi scheme, that it will continue to debase, and that the current system is simply borrowing future prosperity. We got into some really…

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Chatter #213 [Live] – Peter McCormack On Bitcoin, Revolution, and Changing The World

I am delighted to have Peter McCormack, Bitcoin Maximalist and host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast on this episode of the show. I have been thinking a lot about the crumbling of the 20th-century institutions across the world, such as media, government, and finance, and wondering how we might achieve some sort…

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Cardano Smart Contracts Are Coming Next Month

IOHK made an announcement on Friday via their social media accounts that Smart Contracts will launch on the Cardano Mainnet on Sunday 12th September 2021. This will be implemented through a hard fork combinator event, dubbed the “Alonzo hard fork“. This long-awaited update will take Cardano into the Goguen Era, which represents a…

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Which Crypto Wallet Is Right For You?

‘Not your keys, not your coins’ is an expression often used in the crypto space and for good reason. A private key is a part of a wallet that is used to spend the funds held within it. Therefore, if you don’t hold the private key to the wallet that stores your funds,…

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