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Author: Josh Hamilton

A Second Snap Election Is Far From Inevitable

From almost the moment the exit polls were in, there have been calls from Theresa May’s resignation and a second election to be held. Their precarious confidence and supply deal with the DUP, the Grenfell Tower disaster, the cabinet split over austerity, and the heavy criticism of their handling of the Brexit negotiations…

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Post Election Conservative U-Turns Are A Sign Of A Functioning Democracy

The Conservatives have been widely criticised for the numerous apparent U-turns that they have made since the election. They have seen their policy shifting from within as a result of both the DUP coalition and public pressure. During the campaign, the Conservatives and Theresa May were targeted by members of the press for…

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Does The Mainstream Media Still Have A Role To Play?

“Does the mainstream media still serve any useful purpose?” – This was the question posed by an audience member during Question Time this week, so we decided to take a look at the influence that mainstream media brands still have on the political debate in the UK and whether they still have a…

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Beware The Populist

Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump have far more in common than some people would probably realise. They all ran outsider “insurgent” campaigns, funded mostly from small individual donations – though in Trump’s case he ended up receiving support from numerous anti-Hillary super-pacs. They were all repeatedly dismissed by the media, declared…

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How To Fix Translink: Step 1

Despite being the 22nd largest city in the UK, Belfast is the most congested city – even more so than London. Poorly designed urban infrastructure and dismal public transport services are the leading causes of this problem, so whilst it may be difficult to perform massive overhauls of the traffic system in central Belfast,…

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Trees Are The Most Cost Effective Way To Fight The Effects Of Climate Change

Reforestation is often dismissed as a realistic way of fighting climate change, the scale of co-ordinated planning and resources required is considered to be much too large and almost impossible to achieve in a realistic time scale. In 2000, a special report on the effects of tree planting found that trees could remove around 1.1–1.6…

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