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Tag: memes

Chatter #208 – Julian Winkler: How Ideas Spread On Reddit And Wall Street Bets

Julian Winkler is the co-author of the paper “Reddit’s self-organised bull runs: Social contagion and asset prices” about the subreddit Wall Street Bets. The paper makes a “theoretical case for how ‘hype’ among retail investors can drive large asset fluctuations”. The paper was written before the GameStop Saga kicked off, but the interesting…

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DRS And The Infinity Pool – A Meme Come True

Have you ever had a meme come true? The Simpsons became famous for predicting the future with things like Facetime, the budget crunch inherited from President Trump, the God particle, and the NSA snooping on Americans.  As the internet has grown and evolved, sites like the Onion and the Babylon Bee have become…

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Chatter #154 – Mulligan Brothers on Superstonk, GameStop, and the Apes Together Strong Documentary

Quinn Mulligan is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Quinn first saw local acclaim while playing with his band, Fanno Creek and has since recorded extensively as a solo artist, recording 12 albums in 12 months in 2018. Quinn works with his brother Finley Mulligan to create commercial film work as well as short…

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The Joke Market: DogeCoin, GameStop, And Investing Gone Viral

We’ve all been a little bored at times through the eb and flow of lockdowns, curfews, and quarantines that have dominated the past year of our lives. Over the past five or ten years, the madness of the world has seemed to accelerate faster and faster. The modern world was becoming so vastly…

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Chatter #115 – Oli Dugmore on Memes, Journalism, and the Influence of Social Media on Politics

Oli Dugmore, head of News and Politics at Joe Politics, was my guest on today’s show. In this conversation we went deep on the power of the meme, the GameStop saga, and the power of social media to influence politics. We also covered a number of issues that I cover in my book,…

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